Friday, 29 January 2010

Old Wives Weather Tales

They're everywhere, wherever you live in the world there are always Old wives tales for one thing or another.

In India there were so many superstitions about the weather, one was that you shouldn't get wet in the first rainfall after the dry season or you'll get sick. Imagine the looks we got when it finally rained and me and the kids danced in it and got soaked while all the locals sheltered and watched us, some with amusement but most with fear written all over their faces.

In England, the weather Full Stop is just one big Old Wives Tale and so are the weather forecasters!

One of North Carolina's weather tales is that if there is a winter rain storm with thunder and lightening it will snow in 10 days time.

It happened sometime in December and so many people told me there would be a snow on the way - only it didn't happen. Then, a few weeks ago there wasn't even a thunder storm but snow was forecast - it didn't happen either.

12 days ago there was a thunderstorm and according to every tv and radio station there is definately a significant snowstorm heading our way. We are all so excited! It should move in here later this evening, we will be waiting with baited breath.

Just before Christmas Toys R Us had a load of sledges and I suggested to Ian that we buy one - just in case. He practically laughed at me, so sure was he that it hardly ever ever snows in North Carolina, and it hasn't yet this winter but it sure as sure looks very likely at this moment in time. So do you think I can find a sledge anywhere? Of course I can't...I've tried everywhere I could think of and I wasn't the only one searching in vain. Pat on the back for me though as I think that I may just have solved this little problem, I called our landlord, all three of his children are at college and !Yes! he has one in the attic we can borrow - whoopee! Now we just need to find a hill, with not many trees - that could prove difficult.

One more thing....when did a sledge translate to or become a 'Sled'? I've never heard of a sled but I've had lots of fun on a sledge!

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